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Legionnaire Games June 2011 update

Legionnaire Games have posted an update on the status of their website, product releases and new products they have in the works. From their announcement:
Legionnaire Games has been somewhat quiet (at least publicly) for the last couple of months, so we wanted to let our current (and future) customers in on what we've been doing behind-the-scenes of late: Skunk Works and Planetary Operations Now in Print The fourth volume of the Strike Legion Tactical series, Skunk Works (88 pages, MSRP $29.95), and the self-contained Grand Tactical/Operational ground combat game, Strike Legion: Planetary Operations (120 pages, MSRP $37.95)are now available in print editions. Each book is a full-color, softcover, perfect-bound edition that can be purchased through Wargame Vault or your local retailer.
Website Updates Several new files have been posted to the Legionnaire Games website Downloads page to help make your Strike Legion games run more smoothly:
  • An Examples of Play document walks players through the basics of armor, infantry, artillery, and Organic unit combat and command through two extended examples using units from the first two tactical game rulebooks.
  • A Vehicle Construction Example helps those who wish to create their own units work through the finer points of vehicle creation.
  • Tactical game artillery measuring sticks for all supported figure scales, along with play guidelines for using 10/12mm and 15mm figures for your Strike Legion Tactical games, have been posted both to the website and the Yahoo mailing list group.
  • The Planetary Operations unit Data Cards have been enhanced with graphic notations for players who want to print their PDF versions in black and white or have difficulty distinguishing differences between the text colors used for some of the unit statistics.
  • An additional sheet of (optional) markers for Planetary Operations is also available.
  • The Slammin' Mercs Army beta army list is ready for use.
Retailers List We've added a page to the website to assist players in finding the Strike Legion print editions at their local stores ( Want to see your local game store added to the small but growing the list of retailers? Have one of their representatives contact Legionnaire Games for easy dealer terms. In The Works The skirmish-level tabletop game in the ground combat series, Strike Legion: Platoon Leader, is currently undergoing another round of in-house playtesting. We're still shooting for a late summer/early fall release on this, but may need to push it back a few weeks to ensure that we get the best possible product into players hands without needing to issue multiple updates and revisions off the bat. There's a Planetary Operations supplement that managed to sneak itself into the production queue which should be available around the end of July. We don't want to spill the beans on the subject matter just yet, but we can say that gamers who enjoy 20th-century wargames will be pleased. There are currently over 200 vehicle and troop Data Cards (with still more to be added!) for no less than 14 different armies, and a few pages of special and situational rules. This particular supplement will also contain at least six set-piece scenarios, one Sector Campaign, and maybe a full-blown Planetary Operations campaign game as well. Several other projects are also at various stages of development; we don't have any 'official' statements regarding these at the moment, but we'll post information on each of them as warranted. That's all for now. Good gaming to all, and may you roll well.