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Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

(Two gamers are sitting in a horse-drawn carriage as it goes down the road. One is carrying his decks of cards, while another has a tacklebox full of minis. They hit a bump, and the two fumble their belongings onto each other)
Gamer 1: Hey! You got your minis game in my CCG!
Gamer 2: Hey! You got your CCG in my minis game!
(They play a few rounds) Actually, this is pretty good!
Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor is a new minis game up on Kickstarter that also uses CCG elements as part of list creation and game play.

From the campaign:

Legends of Signum is a skirmish wargame where fight the squads led by the heroes. As the events unfold on the Battlefield, the players build their own Cities which help them recruit characters, use spells and relics and employ cunning tactics. With the numerous factions and diverse strategies, each game is really unique.

Each miniature in this game represents a character with unique fighting abilities. Due to such approach, there are no armies of dull and repetitive dummies in Legends of Signum, each fighter on the battlefield looks original, has some memorable special traits and their own story. Our developer team was going for making an intuitive game from the very beginning. There are no complicated rules in Legends of Signum but neither simple solutions.

The campaign is about 8x its funding goal with still 35 days left to go.