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Legends of Kalidasia announces expansion

Legends of Kalidasia announces a new expansion coming up: Exterion Fleets.

From the announcement:

The next expansion to Legends of Kalidasia, called Exterion Fleets, not only introduces the Colayth Guard as an active combat faction, but it also provides a look into the operation of the Heragul's most secret fleets. Exterion fleets patrol just beyond the borders of the Empire looking for resource rich systems, signs of ancient civilizations, and in this case, new a alien race.

With this expansion, the Colayth Guard will gain access to six different units: Three warships, one light warship, one fighter squadron, and a new class of unit called a 'Strike Craft'. In addition to the new unit class, Colayth Guard fleets bring to the table several new weapon special abilities, a new damage model, a new type of mine, and fighter carriers. Over the next few weeks as the expansion gets closer to release, I'll be show casing the new units and their weapons in detail, but today I'm just going to start with the picture above.