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Legend's Gauntlet - New Lost World Series up on Kickstarter

Firelight Game Company has started a Kickstarter for Legend's Gauntlet, a new set of books for the Lost World series of RPGs.

From the campaign:

Are you a fan of legends, fantasy art, games? We have them all in one cool package. Firelight Game Company is working with award winning game designer, Alfred Leonardi, and the very talented artist, Doug Shuler, to produce a brand new series of Lost Worlds game books under the name Legend's Gauntlet.

Jill Leonardi continues the family legacy by releasing Legend’s Gauntlet, based on the award winning Lost Worlds game system designed by her father that has actively been played & sold since it’s inception in 1983. This revolutionary system doesn't need batteries or dice. Two character books and two character cards are all you need to challenge your friend to a some legendary combat.