Legends and Lies Released One Month Ahead of Schedule

Shoot Again Games got their Legends and Lies game into their warehouse ahead of schedule and will have the game available at the start of next month.
And that’s no lie.


From the announcement:

Ahead of the usual Kickstarter curve Shoot Again Games has gotten Legends and Lies, it’s cryptozoology themed game, shipped and into backers hands in under two months time.

Originally, the game was set to ship an already fast three months after the closing of the campaign, Diane Sauer, the games creator, credits a lot of work that she did prior to the campaign and to her husband who she worked to the bone.

Legends and Lies, along with it’s first expansion titled “The Skeptic” is on sale at a discount price until May 1st to celebrate.

Basic Game Play Overview:
During each turn players draw from either the Unknown (draw pile) or from the top of Tabloids (discard pile). Each player creates or adds to melds using Expedition cards in order to reach ten or more points. If ten or greater points is achieved that expedition would be considered to have found enough proof for science to take notice, thereby doubling that set’s score. Also during each turn a single Anomaly card (action card) may be played which can do things like strengthen the value of an expedition in play, retrieve cards from the Tabloids, discredit other players expeditions or manipulate other facets of the game. At the end of a round, cards in the Tabloids that match expeditions in play discredit that expedition. The game also has a shut-out rule involving Extraterrestrials that, if achieved, prevents all other players from scoring that round.