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Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic Now Available

I love webcomics. I used to read a couple dozen a day, actually. Some days, when most would update, it could take 30-60min just to check them all. My favorite is The Whiteboard. Doc has had numerous cameos in various other comics. One of which is Girl Genius. If you want to bring Girl Genius to your tabletop, you can do so now with Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic.

The new set actually brings together two webcomics, the aforementioned Girl Genius as well as Gunnerkrigg Court. Play characters, equip them with all manner of weaponry and other upgrades, and have them fight it out for superiority. The set is a stand-alone expansion for Legendary Showdown, the original of which brought us cards from the Doctor McNinja comic. You can pick up the set now over in the Killer Robot Games website.