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Legendary Games Releases 2099 Wasteland RPG Book

I've posted many times that I love when a Kickstarter funds, then goes on sale to the general public. Now, most games that do that are months after the projected release date. Well, Legendary Games is doing something not a lot of Kickstarters can claim: releasing 2 months early. So if you want to get their 2099 Wasteland RPG book, you can now.

From the announcement:

Legendary Games has just published Mike Myler's fourth campaign setting, an alternate universe of Hypercorps 2099 where nuclear fire has ravaged the Earth! This Kickstarter has delivered rewards 2 months ahead of schedule and produced a gorgeous book 50% bigger than originally anticipated -- check out the 41 page preview on and see if this apocalyptic world generator is right for your D&D 5E game!