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Legendary Battlegrounds, a new terrain-making company, up on Indiegogo

Legendary Battlegrounds is a new terrain-making company. They're over on Indiegogo and looking to get some funding to help get off the ground.


From the campaign:

My apologies for my bad English. Getting down to business! We require investors to help us market our project, consisting of a modular board game, 28/30mm scale. The board game is ideal for creating the perfect environment in your skirmish games, role playing or just build a diorama.

The concept of this modular board game comprises: of separate rectangular modules 16" by 16" inches (40,6 x 40.6cm). The boards can fit together like a puzzle, fitting perfectly in any desired position, creating an area of a city, town or medieval village, providing the perfect setting for a role or skirmish game as Mordheim , 1650 a capa y espada, Carnevale, Malifaux ... or even for a battle of any war game such as Warhammer, Warthrone of Saga, Warlord, Kings of War, etc.