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Legal Cannabis Board Game On Kickstarter

While I'm not one that partakes in the "herb," several of my friends have been known to (since the legalization in many places, mind you. Don't come down on me, fuzz!). I'm sure of you have been known to toke up from time to time. Well, Ludoca is creating a game for you. It's called Legal Cannabis, and it's on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The era of black gold is over. An alternative to oil has existed for centuries: CANNABIS.

You find unoccupied land where cannabis grows in abundance. You purchase your first tractors right away. Your crops allow you to build factories that process Cannabis into several products. These products lead to contracts that bring in gold.

Beware of criminals who want to farm your cannabis. Protect yourself with the help of the police.

Think and sow the cannabis seeds that will grow on your land. Build your factories at the right time and you will earn copious amounts of gold. Rise to the challenge by growing this natural resource!