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Legacy of the Masque RPG from Aegis Studios bundle sale at DriveThruRPG

Aegis Studios has bundled up a bunch of Legacy of the Masque RPG material on DriveThruRPG and put a special bundle price on the lot.

From the sales sheet:

The Legacy of the Masque RPG has been collected with four episodes of the LOTM Webseries and several superhero support .pdf products in a bundle for the low price of ONLY $4.99!

Legacy of the Masque RPG - Book One is a setting book for use with the M&M 3rd edition game, focusing on the setting and characters from the Legacy of the Masque webseries.

Diana Bowman, granddaughter of Golden Age superhero Miss Masque, discovers the truth of her family heritage upon inheriting her grandmother's worldly possessions. Seeing how awful the world is, and inspired by her grandmother's youthful crusades, Diana adopts the identity of the Masque and begins patrolling the city as a vigilante hero. With the assistance of a retired superhero from the 1940's the Masque begins a series of adventures fighting crime and standing for justice.

Legacy of the Masque RPG - Book One includes:

A brief history of superheroes in the world of Legacy of the Masque, stretching back to the Golden Age.
Tips on creating characters in the Legacy of the Masque setting.
Game statistics for several characters from Arc 1 and Arc 2 of the series including Captain Future, Spectro, Smoke, the Silver Streak, Erik Henry and, of course, the Masque!
Never before seen screenshots and photos from Arc 1 & 2 of the Legacy of the Masque webseries.

All this for only $1.99!

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Trademark License (see for details).

Requires the Mutants & Mastermind’s Hero’s Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for Use.

In addition to Legacy of the Masque RPG and episodes 1-4 of the Legacy of the Masque webseries, this bundle includes Vicious Villains, Vicious Villains II: Mystical Monsters and Vicious Villains III: Scoundrels of Science as well as additional products form the Superhero Support line.

This is a limited time offer, ending March 1st! Get your copy today!