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Lee's Lists 100 Deluxe Dungeons Kickstarter happening now

Lee's Lists has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for 100 Deluxe Dungeons. Need a seed for a dungeon? They've got you covered.


From the campaign:

Lee's Lists creates finely crafted lists of mostly historically accurate and verisimilitudinous things for use in mostly role-playing games. Our bread and butter is lists of 100 things. Sometimes they are silly (100 Euphemisms... if you know what I mean) or useless (100 Dog Breeds), but a lot of them also have a lot of effort and research behind them (like 100 Fortune Telling Cards and 100 Polearms). Some defy enumeration, having millions of options (1*10^12 Scientists, Insidious Trap Generator). We have also expanded into non-list things, particularly Maps, Pathfinder supplements, and Dungeon World playbooks in particular.

One list, 100 Dungeons, by Andri Erlingsson, was a list of unique and slightly abnormal dungeons. Just a paragraph each, enough to start some brainstorming or build some adventure hooks from. It proved to sell well, and it seemed to be a neat idea to have each one be a little more detailed, maybe even with art and maps.