Recreational Conflict previews upcoming Hydra robot

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 27th, 2012
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Recreational Conflict put up a preview of the Robot Legion coming soon from Hydra Minaitures. Have a look-see on Ben’s blog, “Lead Bones.”

From the preview:

Today is Hydra’s Optio, a frontline command model for the Robot Legion. He’ll be available as a single as well as part of a new command squad pack including him, three random Legionnaires, and a heavy support Legionnaire.

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  • I like the green color!

    Just a clarification:

    The model pictured is the new Optio (squad leader) for the Robot Legion from my company Hydra Miniatures. It will be released on Tuesday, July 31st.

    The painted sample comes from Ben Brooks of Recreational Conflict, our official North American convention retailer. You can also buy them from the Rec Con online store.

    Matt Beauchamp
    Hydra Miniatures