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Lead Adventure release new Medieval/Fantasy range

Lead Adventure have released a new range of 28mmMedieval/Fantasy figures called Bruegelburg. Bruegelburg From their announcement:
We´re pleased to present you our new Medieval/Fantasy range Bruegelburg, designed and sculpted by Igor Karpov. Today we´re starting with 17 fantastic and characterful miniatures. More Bruegelburg is coming, check our forum for some previews. These coming miniatures are still in work and if everything goes well, they will be available coming summer . Today release:
  • BRU-01 Diggers (2)
  • BRU-02 Knight with Henchman (2)
  • BRU-03 Archivist and Merchant (2)
  • BRU-04 In the Tavern (2)
  • BRU-05 Citizens (2)
  • BRU-06 Arnolfini Family (2)
  • BRU-07 Peasant Woman and Musician (2)
  • BRU-08 Beggars (2)
  • BRU-09 Mad Griet (1)
  • BRU-10 Road Signs (2)