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Lead Adventure Miniatures releases Dwarf Adventurers

Lead Adventure Miniatures has a new set of dwarven adventurers available over in their webshop.
I shal name them Halfi.

Dwarf Adventurers


From the release:

Some new dwarves are going on an adventurous quest! Today we have some new additions to our Dwarf range, sculpted again by Igor Karpov:

DWA-22 Intrepid Adventurers (2)
DWA-23 Axe Raiders (2)
DWA-24 Tunnel Guards (2)
DWA-25 Stalwart Heroes (2)
DWA-26 Boghin Eisenbrei, Dwarf
Champion (1)

And a new 10% deal for this release:

DWA-DEAL-06 Dwarf Adventurers (9)