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Lead Adventure Miniatures Release - Bruegelburg 6th wave

Lead Adventure Miniatures has a new wave of Bruegelburg models available over in their webshop. Go and have a look-see.

Personally, I love the guy on the stilts, spotting for the sniper.

From the announcement:

Finally release of another Bruegelburg wave (6th!) containing 21 wonderful miniatures, sculpted by Igor Karpov
check the new stuff

List of the new packs:
BRU-50 Merchants (Hansa Teutonica) (2)
BRU-51 Merchants (Veneticum Mercatori) (2)
BRU-52 Landsknecht Arquebusiers 1 (2)
BRU-53 Landsknecht Arquebusiers 2 (2)
BRU-54 Long Rifle Sharpshooter Team 1 (2)
BRU-55 Long Rifle Sharpshooter Team 2 (2)
BRU-56 Long Rifle Sharpshooter Team 3 (2)
BRU-57 Wilhelm von Shakespeare (1)
BRU-58 Landsknecht with Greatsword 1 (1)
BRU-59 Landsknecht with Greatsword 2 (1)
BRU-60 Landsknecht Swordsmen 1 (2)
BRU-61 Landsknecht Swordsmen 2 (2)
BRU-DEAL-06 Bruegelburg 6th wave (21)