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Lead Adventure Miniatures - Bruegelburg 5th Release Wave - Artillery

Lead Adventure Miniatures gives their Bruegelburgers some real firepower with the release of some new artillery.

From the announcement:

Finally the release of Bruegelburg artillery, four cannons (God`s Hammer, Roaring Meg, Crazy Clara and Donnerkarl) and 10 crewmen for your choice:

BRU-42 Cannon "God´s Hammer" (1)
BRU-43 Cannon "Roaring Meg" (1)
BRU-44 Cannon "Crazy Clara" (1)
BRU-45 Cannon "Donnerkarl" (1)
BRU-46 Cannon Crew 1 (3)
BRU-47 Cannon Crew 2 (3)
BRU-48 Cannon Crew 3 (3)
BRU-49 Artillery Captain (1)
BRU-41 Plunderer (2)
BRU-DEAL-05 Bruegelburg Offer - 5th Wave (14)