Lead Adventure Miniatures Announces New Releases

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Nov 29th, 2011

Lead Adventure Miniatures Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

This time we’ve got 17 new Bruegelburg miniatures for you:

BRU-20 Archbishop (1)
BRU-21 Warrior Priests (2)
BRU-22 Landsknecht Captain 1 (1)
BRU-23 Landsknecht Captain 2 (1)
BRU-24 Landsknecht Musician – Drummer (1)
BRU-25 Landsknecht Musician – Flute Player (1)
BRU-26 Landsknecht Standard Bearer 1 (1)
BRU-27 Landsknecht Standard Bearer 2 (1)
BRU-28 Landsknecht Commando Unit 1 (3)
BRU-29 Landsknecht Commando Unit 2 (3)
BRU-30 Landsknechts 1 (4)
BRU-31 Landsknechts 2 (4)

and the Bruegelburg deals (old and new):

Bruegelburg Offer – 1st Wave (19)
Bruegelburg Offer – 2nd Wave (19)
Bruegelburg Offer – 3rd Wave (17)

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  • mweaver

    Gorgeous figures. The entire Breugelberg line is outstanding. Ordered this newest wave pretty much immediately (well, had to clear it with the spousal unit, as she usually buys me figures for the holidays and so normally I am not supposed to buy anything for myself in Nov. and Dec.).

    If you haven’t been to Lead Adventure Miniatures’ website – check it out. The fantasy civilians are brilliant, and if post-apoc is your thing, they have a nice and growing range in that genre as well (and some nifty Steam Punk figures).

  • ferk

    Agreed! they’re a great company. These guys are like the Mordehiem guys I wish games workshop had made. Back when, way back when.