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Lead Adventure - Landsknecht Crossbowmen Release

Lead Adventure has released their new Landsknecht Crossbowmen. They're a brightly-colored lot, aren't they?

From the release:

Finally a new Bruegelburg release wave, eagerly-awaited Crossbowmen! They are 14 models in 8 packs, sculpted by Igor Karpov, some of our finest miniatures, freshly painted as well

BRU-32 Wilhelm Von Tell (1)
BRU-33 Walter, The Little Herald (1)
BRU-34 Hugo the Bull’s-eye, Crossbowmen Captain (1)
BRU-35 Crossbowmen Musician and Standard Bearer 1 (2)
BRU-36 Crossbowmen Musician and Standard Bearer 2 (2)
BRU-37 Landsknecht Crossbowmen 1 (2)
BRU-38 Landsknecht Crossbowmen 2 (2)
BRU-39 Landsknecht Crossbowmen with pavises (3)

and as usual a 10% Deal on the new stuff:
BRU-DEAL-04 Bruegelburg Offer - 4th Wave (14)