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Lead Adventure has new March releases

Lead Adventure has their March releases up on their website now available to be ordered. Plus, they're value-bundling for easier ordering.

From the update:

PA-12 From the Contaminated Seas 2 - More fisherman/pirates characters
PA-38 Alpha Team - heavy armed special task force without gas masks.
PA-39 German Marines - these are based on modern Bundeswehr Kampfschwimmer, another special task force for your gaming.
PA-40 German Commando Frogmen (sculpted by Andrey Shulika) - another German Army modern gang based on Kampftaucher
PA-41 Aqua Scout - a lonely hero armed with a scratch built harpoon weapon, perfectly for adventures on the seas of a post-apocalyptic world
PA-42 Post-Apocalyptic Conversion Heads - using them you would be able to make every modern figure looking post-apocalyptic.
PA-DEAL-03 Post-Apocalyptic Spring 2012 Wave - as usual, a 10% off deal on new stuff.