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Lazuli Miniatures Studio shows concept art for World of Ruin

Lazuli Miniatures Studio has some concept art up for their new game World of Ruin.

From the update:

We are Lazuli Miniatures Studio (formerly Lazuli Painting, but we have since expanded into game creating instead of just commission painting), creators of World in Ruins.

World in Ruins is a two-player post apocalyptic skirmish game scheduled for released Q3 2012 by Lazuli Studios. World in Ruins is played on a 2x2ft table with dense terrain cover and customizable characters. The game is very tactics oriented and realistic featuring environmental hazards, and radiation. A hit from an assault rifle will likely kill a target, players must out maneuver and out think their opponents to achieve victory.

The base game will consists of two factions, the Lazarians and the Cultists. In this game players and field either a Lazarian Patrol Team or a Cultist Raider group fighting to recover valuable supplies from a Dead City.


The world that we knew is gone, the old civilizations cremated in flames of their own incitement.

A status quo had arisen. Each nation fearful at striking out at its fellows for fear of retaliation, of mutual annihilation. Not one of them wished to stand down, to be subjugated, and to be incinerated alone. But in an instant, the precarious balance had crumbled.

Bombs fell, buildings toppled, cities burned, and civilizations were annihilated as weapons of unseen power wrecked havoc across the globe. Titanic ships roamed the seas and giant planes thundered through the skies. The Earth rumbled, the land shook, and the oceans raged as fire fell from the skies and a sea of atomic fire swept across the globe. Over two thousand years of human progress was reduced to ruin.

Entire cities were leveled with thermo-nuclear weapons; those not erased were left to waste in a new world. Plagues born from the infernal cocktails of biological weaponry swept across continents murdering without quarter and forever altering those who resisted their effects. The land was polluted beyond restoration. The rivers were choked with acid; forests not burnt grew into virtually inhospitable jungles of alien flora. The sky was chocked with an impenetrable cloud of poisonous ash and sulfur.

The devastation was total, the planet doomed to extinction. It seemed impossible that anyone could survive. But out of the ruins, fragments of a few proud empires continue to wage their perpetual wars among each other and ideologies anew…

To begin the perpetual tread towards extinction once more…

The world has changed, this much is irrevocable. Five generations after the Cataclysm, the Armageddon, the End of all Things-whatever name you choose give to that Great War in which the planet was engulfed by nuclear firestorm- a handful of factions emerge, all of which still carry on their relentless pursuit of total domination… or destruction.

The only remaining documents of Earth before the Cataclysm are zealously hoarded by scholars, rarely seen by the common people. Indeed, even if they were to shown these images, they would never believe that the Earth ever looked so beautiful, the generation that remembered that age is long dead now. Who could believe, after knowing only acid rain, famine, epidemics, and perpetual wars wrought by the Cataclysm for all their lives, that the Earth once was fertile? Who would believe that there were once over 8 billion humans inhabiting the earth, or that there were once thousands of species of living creatures also on it? Now the earth is a hostile place, and even the most humble blade of grass is a coveted thing.
Now, entire countries that once were home to millions of people are uninhabitable because they are saturated with virulent radiation. Humanity has retreated to the last remaining wild places, oases of relatively radiation free land.

It will be hundreds of years until the entirety of earth can become repopulated, maybe even thousands. Humanity will be lucky to survive that long, for it will have endure a writhing Earth filled with man-made poisons, epidemics, famine, and endless wars, as well as its greatest threat: itself.