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Launch Date/Time Announced for B-Sieged

2nd Gate Games has announced that they'll be launching their Kickstarter campaign for B-Sieged on April 28th at 3pm Eastern. So mark your calendars and set your clocks. B-Sieged is a new cooperative board game, which will be published by CMON, where players must defend their castle from the oncoming hordes of the Abyss. But simple defense is not enough. In order to end the Abyss threat once and for all, a messenger is sent out for a powerful artifact. If they can't make it safe and sound through the enemy lines, then all will be lost. Check out the teaser video below the cut, and get ready for B-Sieged.

From the website:


The hordes of the Abyss loom over the Citadel of Modhelm! B-SIEGED is a cooperative game for 1 to 6 players whose heroes will have to endure the siege of the abyssal troops while protecting the Messenger tasked with retrieving the Grand Ritual of Vlaruside which is Modhelm’s only hope against the Abyss.