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Laughing Moon releases The Ragged Man module

Laughing Moon released their The Ragged Man special edition module over on DriveThruRPG.

From the announcement:

A blend of fantasy and horror, The Ragged Man adventure is a 3 part game that packs a lot of excitement into its 101 pages.

As the mists entrap the adventuring companions in a frightened gypsy camp, a terrifying campfire legend comes to life in the form of the “Ragged Man.” Fueled by heedless revenge, this scarecrow-like apparition appears in the night and horror follows in his wake.

Designed for 2-6 players, The Ragged Man adventure takes players deep into the world under the Laughing Moon where a desperate rescue mission pits them against nightmare creatures in a race against time.

The Special Edition of the book, on sale now, features numerous art pieces by Ethan Scott Alan Gregory, lots of new enchanted items and treasure, 6 per-generated player characters, and an entire chapter devoted to new creatures and encounters.Printed copies will also be made available, though the Special Edition will be limited in quantities.

The Ragged Man is a stand-alone game as well as an expansion to accompany Adventures Under the Laughing Moon