Laudanum Studios launches Kickstarter for Vault of Adepts gothic RPG

Laudanum Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign for Vault of Adepts, their new gothic horror RPG system and setting.

Vault of Adepts


From the campaign:

VAULT OF ADEPTS is a pen and paper Role Playing Game of secret societies set in 1900 London. These occult Lodges attracted the elite of London society – poets and politicians, actors and heiresses, alchemists and aristocrats scheming against a backdrop of cut glass, in the age of absinthe.

You play one of these eccentric characters, choose a faction and an agenda – do you want to proceed through the mystic Grades to achieve enlightenment? To take over? To destroy from within? – and speed from location to location to secure ancient knowledge, spread rumours, and foil your opponent’s efforts.