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Latest X-Wing Releases Available Now From Fantasy Flight Games

A lot of my friends went and saw Rogue One last night. I know a lot more that will see it tonight/over the weekend. Personally, I'm gonna let the crowds die down a little bit before I go... I think they've almost died down enough to go see The Force Awakens. But that doesn't mean that I have to wait to get a couple of ships from the movie and integrate them into my X-Wing Squadrons. The latest releases are now available.

The two new ships are the TIE Striker and the U-Wing (still gonna name mine Patrick). Both give you lots of maneuverability on the map. The TIE Striker can get an extra 1-range move before its actual move, letting you snake your way through even the most dense asteroid field. The U-Wing can simply stop on a dime and hang out where it is, if you so choose. Simply enter landing mode and watch as your enemies zoom past.