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Latest update about Rolljordan and Greebo

Greebo has given us this announcement about their schism with Rolljordan.


From the announcement:

The reason of this letter is to clarify a few aspects of the Rolljordan/Greebo scission.
Many voices and rumors, and untrue facts where posted on the various forums and blogs,
Mr. Kirylo often described as a fraudulent and dishonest person who was fired by Greebo
for his actions. I am here to put the facts in the correct order and to explain what it really happened.

All started in Dec 2011 when my old partner sent, by mistake a public post from Gaspez
to our mailing list, the mail was intended for me and another friend to inform us of the facts. As a result as many have asserted, Mr. Kirylo was never fired from the company. Once we realized the email wasn’t a hack and was sent by mistake by Mr. Kirylo, both of us (Giusti and Kirylo) decided to move his figure (Kirylo) in the background.

Mr. Kirylo was never fired, in fact he worked with me to the new projects and where
partners until the realization of the Volmarian team. Any assumption that the mail was
sent by Mr. Kirylo in partnership with Gaspez is wrong, in fact Gaspez was our
COMPETITOR and Mr. Kirylo never cooperated with him.

Any posts or email or any other source accusing Mr. Kirylo of stealing my projects is not true, this to include the Nippo Goblin project, where Mr. Kirylo stopped his own side project when he found out I was also producing them to prevent damage to my sales.
Also Mr. Kirylo wasn’t aware on the fact that I re-released the some of the remaining
limited edition miniatures found in stock, miniatures that he created to sponsor some
tournaments and cast in a limited number. Their production was halted after his recall on this fact.

These are: Cindy, Valentina Limited and the Taxi Toad.

On the 24th of September we finally reached a friendly agreement and property of the
current Greebo range is now been clarified. Mr. Kirylo will maintain full rights to the
following models and will have full disposition of them:

limited edition Cindy
limited edition Vanessa
limited edition Valentina
limited edition Taxi Toad
Rolljordan Werewolf
Rolljordan Valentina
Legio Dwarves complete line
Horned Frogs complete line to include the toad and the coach
And the rights to the following teams are now property of both individuals:
Silvania Elves
Necro Team

Also Mr. Kirylo will retain his production rights of the Sarcos line as described in the original contract and may dispose of them at his will.

We are now split after a legal action caused by latest events, that ended in a friendly
mutual agreement. And starting on this date I can declare that Rolljordan and Greebo are now two separate entities.
Lorenzo Giusti aka Greebo