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Latest Releases from Dark Sword Miniatures Available

Dark Sword Miniatures has 9 new releases available over in their webshop. There's some giant lizards, some female warriors, some foxes, and more.
They also give us a look ahead to July, when they'll be at Gen Con Indy and a bit about what they have in store.
One note: not all the minis on their website are fully clothed. All the previews below the break are fine, though.

From the update:

Hello to my fellow miniature enthusiasts around the world –

It is another busy week here at Dark Sword HQ – we have nine brand new releases that are now in our Online Store and are ready for shipping out around the world.

We have a new Elmore Masterworks mini from Bobby Jackson, some new Visions in Fantasy pieces from Jeff Grace, Patrick Keith & Bobby Jackson and some fun critters and a giant lizard from Jason Wiebe. In addition, we have a fox pack from the Stephanie Law Masterworks line with all of our foxes released to date (seven pieces in total) and a pudgy tree fairy pack with six of those adorable little pudgy tree fairy miniatures. Patrick Keith sculpted up the Stephanie Law Masterworks miniatures.

Jessica Rich and Marike Reimer did the painting honors on these new miniatures and they are looking snazzy indeed.
In other news, we are really busy getting more new releases ready for the rest of the spring (do I hear the horns of Westeros calling?) as well as working on some cool new projects we hope to unveil soon enough.
Dark Sword Miniatures and Elmore Productions will be at Gen Con Indy once again sharing a 10x50 booth. The show is early this year and starts on Thursday July 30th and ends on Sunday August 2nd. We will be offering all sorts of amazing prizes for the Dark Sword Manufacturer Awards in the Gen Con Painting Competition once again so start working on those entries if you are going to be attending Gen Con Indy.

That is about it for now folks. Swing on by the Dark Sword site and check out all the new miniature awesomeness in these releases and enjoy all the great looking minis!