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Latest Releases For Infinity Available In Corvus Belli Webshop

Quite a mixed bag in terms of Infinity releases this month from Corvus Belli. No, not "some good stuff and some terrible stuff" (since I don't actually know the stats of all the models). And not in a, "some good looking models and some ugly models" (because Corvus Belli's stuff always looks awesome). No, "mixed bag" in terms of, well... a healer with a shotgun, a new starter set, and a gigantic, multi-legged, tank-thing.

So let's see what we've got here. There's the Combined Army's Yaogat Strike Infantry (armed with MULTI Sniper Rifle). After that we have the Reverend Healers (armed with a Boarding Shotgun) for the Nomads. Haqqislam is the heavy-hitter this time around with the massive Maghariba Guard. The Yu Jing are the ones with the new starter set, called the Imperial Service Starter Pack. Finally, there's the Kazak Spetsnaz (sporting a Heavy Machine Gun) for Ariadna.

All are available now in the Corvus Belli webshop.