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Latest Releases for Darklands Available

Mierce Miniatures (whose website is back up and running after being down most of last week), has their latest set of Darklands releases available. There's 14 of them to check out. In classic Meierce fashion, there's monsters, giants, trolls, snake-people, and all other sorts of things to check out.

From the announcement:

This month we have a whopping fourteen new miniatures to bring to you from Darklands: First Edition, representing the sixth set of releases from that project. We always say they're brilliant, of course, and this month is no exception - but we feel that these are even brillianter than last month... for not only do we have a massive monstrosity in the shape of the Giant known as Gomagg, we also have a unit of snake-women - and much more besides!

So what do we have this month? Well, the Albainn gain Gomagg the mighty Giant; the Angelcynn get Eadric on his horse; the Brythoniaid have Caedoc the Abad; the Byzantii are bolstered by the lovely, nasty Skorpion Minor, Tykho; the Fomoraic have a Gabrox, a bigger Gabrax to boost his little mates; the Khthones have a new unit to add to their ranks, the snake-women of the Dawn of Khthon; the Norse get a huge Fell Troll, Mälmord; and the Ysians get Crom on Horse, the better to charge down your enemies. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, we have Danilo Cruz of the Visigoths - a Sell-Sword any kindred can use!