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Latest Releases Available from Privateer Press for Warmachine and Hordes

Hey kids and welcome to another installment of "Privateer Press Theater." Today's performance will include both Warmachine and Hordes (though a greater focus on Hordes) and the new releases therein. We'll see an old friend, a bunch of new ones, along with some long-drawn pieces of art turned into figures you can now put on the battlefield. Let's raise the curtain on our little play, shall we?

We'll begin with the old friend. In a continuation of PP's work at reducing the number of SKUs they have and making it easier to get a unit with all their extras, there's a new Mechanithralls box that comes with 3 Brute Thralls already in it. Next, there's Anson Durst (no word on if he's related to Fred), a new Protectorate Warcaster. He appears to be a defensive master (I've not actually seen his rules). I know I don't want to be hit over the head with that shield.

Getting in touch with our primal halves, we continue our play into the last act with Hordes. Starting out there's the Efaarit Scout, taken from artwork from the Monsternomicon from waaaaay back in the day. These fellows can now be part of your Hordes forces. Joining them is the Gremlin Swarm, another piece taken from artwork that's been around for quite some time. Probably want to keep your Warjacks away from these little fellas. Finally, there's the Croak Raiders. The Croak Hunter solo finally has some other members of his species to pal around with (besides other Croak Hunter clones of himself). All of these Hordes releases are Minions, so they can be used in a group of different forces. Perhaps they'll play for your faction!

But now the time has come to lower the curtain. Stay tuned for more installments of Privateer Press Theater.