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Latest Releases Available From Knight Models

Well, I figured out why it's cold (y'know, for Atlanta, at least). It's not because it's getting to be winter. No, that's silly. It's because Knight Models has a new Mr. Freeze gang and extras available for the Batman Miniatures Game!
Ok, so maybe it's actually because it's, y'know, mid-November. But still, there are new Mr. Freeze releases available for the Batman Miniatures Game. Though that's certainly not all.

That's certainly not all by a long shot. Knight Models is coming out with a DC Universe Miniatures Game based on their Marvel Universe Miniatures Game (sort of the reverse of how the Spider-Man Miniatures Game was based on the Batman Miniatures Game). The first sets for that are from the Batman vs. Superman movie. Then you've got Mr. Freeze and some ancillary miniatures and then the tokens/templates to go with them. Another set is the Bird & Mercenaries pack. There's also a couple things from Suicide Squad, including Rick Flag and custom dice.

Yeah, November's a big one for Knight Models, it would seem. You can get all of these in their webshop now.


Also, over on their Facebook page, they posted this teaser photo: