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Latest Releases Available From Corvus Belli

Yeah, I know we're just shy of 3 weeks into September, but sometimes things happen a releases and announcements get pushed back. So, having said that, Corvus Belli has August's releases for Infinity now available over in their webshop.

Back during the original preview, it seemed people weren't too happy with some of the sculpts. Has anyone's opinion on them changed? Going from dislike to like? Or even the other way around. Maybe you liked them, but upon further inspection, they're not really for you anymore. To recap, we've got the 9th Motorized Recon Group for Ariadna, the Black Friars for PanOceania, the Pheasant Rank Imperial Agent for Yu Jing, the Djanbazan Tactical Group for Haqqislam, and the Corregidor Bandits for the Nomads.