Latest Pursuit launches The Oleg Story: Survival (Prison Game) Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Jul 26th, 2013

Latest Pursuit has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new board game The Oleg Story: Survival.

From the campaign:

The Oleg Storyâ„¢: Survival is a prison based board game.

The story is based on Oleg D Tyler. He is an international hacker who is believed to have been captured and handed over to the U.S. Government, suspected of leaking confidential governmental information.

Oleg has been incarcerated in one of the most notorious prisons in North America and stands accused of killing two innocent people. Oleg has been sentenced to serve two life long prison sentences. He has refused to join any organised gang.

For a full, in depth back story then don’t forget to check out the back story DVD; see pledge levels for further details.

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  • estrus

    North America has a notorious prison? I thought they were mostly country clubs with orange jumpsuits and bologna sandwiches.

  • jmw23

    Between the ice cream sandwiches, movie nights, and knife fights (sometimes at the same time…those men did not like Soap Dish), prisons in the US aren’t too bad. No touching!

  • winter

    I know the “uncanny valley” theory is fairly well debunked, but the almost, but still not close enough digital sculpting on those figure renders kind of creeps me out.

  • Gallant

    Ooooh, how topical. GTFO.