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Latest Pulp City Releases Now Available

For those looking to add some more super-powered figures to your collection, Pulp Monsters has the newest Pulp City releases available now over in their webshop. Whether it's some cyber-Russians, robot sentries, or hulking brutes, they've got something for you.

From the release:

The January release wave is now all up in the web-store! Each of the new Supremes is launching at a special price which will carry on until the February wave launches.

This month we are releasing:
Red Republik
• Professor Hammer 8.00€ launch price
• S.P.U.T.N.I.K. 8.00€ launch price
• Siberian 8.00€ launch price
• Snieschinka 8.00€ launch price
• Red Robot 6.50€ launch price
Also this month two new Powerhouse models
• Antaean (Supreme Genesis) 12.00€ launch price
• Six Feet Under (new sculpt) 16.00€ launch price

In addition, Red Robots will also launch as a Trooper Pack. The Trooper Pack will be available after the launch offer ends.
Red Robot Trooper Pack (2 Red Robots) 12.00€