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Latest Issue of Irregular Magazine Now Available

The lines at San Diego Comic Con can be really, really, really long. So, what do you do while you're standing in line (or, you know, if you're not one of the people there and just have some time on your hands)? You read a gaming magazine! And Irregular Magazine has their latest issue now available. Timing!

In this issue:

We’d like to welcome you all back once more, to present our latest issue of Irregular Magazine, Issue 6 Volume 2 for Summer 2018!

In our latest issue, we bring you more excellent hobby content for you to read at your leisure, as we report on the usual mix of hobby subjects, new games and we have a write-up of the latest news breaking on our hobby world.

We start with our Editor’s ongoing fight against his grey hoard, and how he has been making progress on scenery, miniatures and trying out some new things as well! Even (shock!) trying to finish painting some things!

In the news, we look at some of the latest things from the UK Games Expo this year including the strengthened partnership between MasQueOca and Pegasus Spiele Kingdomino, Dazed, Summoners Isle, Ravage, Army Painter’s new D&D paint set and the Big Book of Battle Mats – an essential tool for any budding fantasy Gamesmaster!

Alex also bring us a more detailed look at the UK Games Expo in a multi-part article. The UK Games Expo is always a great event, which gets bigger and better with every passing year!

Jason reviews the new board game of the classic film, Big Trouble in Little China, and also brings us an interview with the creator of this game, Chris Batarlis.

We also have a review of the new Solomon Kane board game from Mythic Battles, giving an interesting overview of this new title from the makers of the awesome Mythic Battles game. There are reviews of the Escape from the Castle card game, and What A Tanker! wargame from Too Fat Lardies. Also, Jason has written an un-boxing report of Gangs of Rome: Blood on the Aventine, which we reviewed in the last issue.

Never let it be said that we ignore our friends in the hobby media, as Warhammergrimace also found time when at the UK Games Expo to interview Warren, from Beasts of War, which is also written up in this issue.

Finally, we have a wonderful review of the Souvenir Book from Games Workshop, focusing on their display dioramas that are on display at Warhammer World in Lenton, Nottingham!

Time to get reading – go on, download your copy now!