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Latest Grymkin Releases Available From Privateer Press

The wicked harvest continues. The Grymkin faction, the latest one for Hordes, is getting some new releases. There's a new Warlock, a new warbeast, and a couple new units you can use to bulk up your forces.
This faction really makes me want to bake pumpkin pie...

From the announcement:

Cast down to the hells of Urcaen by Menoth long ago, the Defiers and their grymkin armies have risen again to punish the wicked across all of Immoren. Freed by the Old Witch, Zevanna Agha, the Defiers now work toward their own ends. Each is a self-made godlike being who wields uncanny power to reap what is due from the corrupted denizens of Caen. The harvest of the damned will not end so long as the hearts of humankind remain tainted and debased.

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