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Latest Dark Age Releases Posted by CMON

CMON knows that one of the coolest groups in any setting is the Bounty Hunters. The sci-fi minis game, Dark Age, has their own set of guns-for-hire that can be added to your force. Their May releases this month focus on these sellswords. With a couple resculpts and a bunch of brand new faces to their rogues gallery, these Bounty Hunters will be a welcome addition to your Dark Age collection, and they're certainly ones to shoot first.
Check them out below the cut.

From the release:

New Bounty Hunter Releases for Dark Age!

Nathaniel + Orchid (Resculpt) (2)
John "Clank" Carter (1)
Dedlock (1)
Jarl Ramsaur (1)
Captain Jake Flay (1)
Old Ma (1)
Lucky (Resculpt) (1)

All this and more available now at the CMoN Online Store!