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Latest Black Plague Releases Available From CMON

I totally failed to realize that yesterday was the first day of autumn. So it's officially ok to start talking about all things spooky and scary. Pumpkin-flavored everything! The latest releases for Black Plague fit the first thing fairly well. Though I wouldn't suggest trying to find out if they're pumpkin flavored. They're also available now.

So, what is on offer this month? Well, starting off, there's some more Special Guest Artist boxes. They include Adrian Smith, Paolo Parente, and Jovem Nerd. There's also the Deadeye Walkers. Yeah, zombies who will gladly shoot their bows and arrows at you. You thought they were scary just when they ran after you. You'll want to make sure there's a shut door between you and them. Thankfully, there's the new 3D Doors set also available. Finally, not specifically Black Plague, but very much Zombicide, there's Zombicide Compendium #2. It brings together various scenarios and special rules from the first three seasons of Zombicide. This includes things from expansions such as Zombie Dogs and Lost Survivors.

All of them are available now.