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Late Pledges for Vampire Hunters Being Taken Now

Don't you just hate when you miss out on a Kickstarter? All those stretch goals and exclusives, along with the great deal that's to be had. Well, thankfully, the Kickstarter, itself, isn't the only time you can get that stuff. Late Pledges are often available for games. One such is Vampire Hunters, the cooperative game where you... well... you hunt vampires. You can join in on it now.

From the announcement:

The Vampire Hunters Pledge Manager is now open, closing May 1st 2017. All backers, both Kickstarter and late pledges, are currently being sent invitations to the Pledge Manager by e-mail.
Thanks to a great response from late backers in BackerKit, Marku, the final stretch goal, has been unlocked! This mini will be included in all Hunter and Slayer pledges, automatically.

New backers can continue to make late pledges directly in BackerKit while the Pledge Manager is open. Late backers are eligible for all 40 unlocked Stretch Goals.
Vampire Hunters is a fully co-operative, highly thematic, miniature-based board game for 1-4 players, fully expandable to 5-6 players. A second game mode and optional rules can be combined to enhance and customize your experience! Play co-operatively to defeat the Vampire Lord or competitively to rate your skills and become the best Hunter. You can even play on as a Vampire, if your Hunter gets turned.
Vampire Hunters also comes with language support for Spanish, German, French and Italian. Dark Gate Games has arranged customs friendly shipping to USA, EU, Australia and Canada.