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Late Pledges Available For Museum Rush

We've all been behind and missed a deadline before. Try as we might, sometimes it happens. Life, uh, gets in the way. But, hopefully, that doesn't mean you're entirely left out of something. There's usually a bit of "wiggle room" with deadlines and even if you miss one, you can still make it. Such is the case with Late Pledges for campaigns. And, currently, if you're looking to get Museum Rush, your wiggle room is on now.

From the announcement:

Never fear, because the folks at Room 17 have opened up a late pledging option until January 12th 2018.

Powered by Backerkit, you can still get a great deal on the Museum Rush game, which comes bundled with a Kickstarter Exclusive Cleaner miniature and thief card, plus the applicable stretch goals and component upgrades.

For those that must have everything, there’s also an ‘All-in’ option that includes Museum Rush, the limited edition Egyptian Exhibit expansion, every stretch goal and a copy of each add-on: The Annex Expansion (£15), Staff Only Expansion (£12), Spares pack (£10) and FREE Deluxe pack, saving you a further £12 over the already great-value pledge levels.

So don’t delay, find out more about the game and our late pledge options by visiting the Museum Rush backer kit