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Last week for Monkeys Need Love Too on Kickstarter

Topwise Games have been creeping closer and closer to their funding goal for Monkeys Need Love Too. With a week left, will they be able to make it?
Want to know about the game? Go check out the review that I did at the start of the campaign.



From the campaign:

The night started out as a cooperative mission to save some monkeys from the horrible tests and trials they are put through just so people in the world can smell a little better, but it all takes a turn for the worse when you arrive at the local perfume test facility. While silently navigating through the lab to get back to the cages, someone “accidentally” knocks over a beaker of cologne entitled Compete. Due to a current side effect, everyone on your team is now under the impression that it's a competition and whomever frees the most monkeys wins.