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Last week for Baueda 15mm WWII Desert Fortifications Indiegogo

Baueda is in their final week over on Indiegogo for their 15mm WWII desert fortification terrain pieces. They've got a bit to go before they reach their goal. Will your pledge be the one that sends them over?

Desert Fortifications


From the campaign:

only one week left to jump on this!

We are already producing a large range of high quality resin-cast wargame terrain, designed specifically for 15mm WWII miniatures and fully compatible with Flames of War rules. Currently, this range already includes over 30 different packs of scenic bases, objectives, bunkers, fortifications, and entrenchments, covering rural and urban theaters, and you cam pick ANY model of the whole range as reward, not necessarily the new ones!

Add these fantastic models to your battlefields! Get the best, and with a great discount!

While the range is designed specifically with a desert feel, most of these models can be used for many more armies and settings than the North African Campaign. All sandbag emplacements, for instance, would be perfect also for WWI and the Vietnam War!