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Last two days for Drakerys

Don't Panic Games is in their final 2 days up on Kickstarter for Drakerys. There's still plenty of stretch goals to get through.

Aurium Dwarves


From the campaign:

2 days. 2 DAYS !!

Friends, this is the last stand. This is the moment when the heroes start chanting about seeing the line of their people, back to the beginning. This is time when you chose to go big or go home.

This Kickstarter went above and beyond all our expectations. We are so proud of you. So proud to count us among our backers, among our friends, among our family. We wouldn’t have dared to dream of a better community to start our adventure.

The whole world of Drakerys will be yours to grasp, in a few months. Thanks to you, The Paladinate will conquer with a ravenous hunger, Ashral will fight with honour and Avaren will slaughter with elegance.

Now… It is time. Time to unleash the people who were waiting in the dark. Time to free the worshippers of the gilded spirits. Time to behold the Ghost Lion ! Time for THE DWARVES !!!!