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Last Saga progress

Rocket Games gives us an update on how things are coming along with their Last Saga Kickstarter campaign preparation.


From the update:

Hello! This is an update of the progress of our game, Last Saga.

We have been working hard in the past few weeks, and now we have a very complete base for growing our little project. We want to share with you our latest works, keep you informed of how things goes.

This is a WIP of the third of the human units, the phantom. It is an infiltration unit, and will be equiped with a sniper rifle. There is still work to do, like adjusting proportions and adding details, but this WIP gives a hint of what to expect.

Also, there is a first look of the first of the alien races. It is also a WIP, but tests like this are needed to find what we think will suit the game better.

Also, in a few weeks we should have a solid base for the Kickstarter project we want to launch, so we will give more details in near future about the concept arts, the game system and much more!

Thanks and best regards.