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Last Retro sci-fi releases added to Mega Miniatures site

Mega Miniatures put up their last Retro Sci-Fi releases on their website. There's less than 2 months left until they close up shop, so you'd better hurry.

From the update:

This is the last batch of long over due releases added to the Mega Miniatures online store.

DEAL-1193 Female Dog warrior with rifle $3.00
DEAL-1194 Man eating plant $4.00
DEAL-1198 Alien Bird & rider version A $10.00
DEAL-1199 Alien Bird & rider version B $10.00
DEAL-1200 Female Rat $2.50
S32 Ganger bald man with pistol and sword $3.00
S33 Ganger female deva with auto-pistol $3.00
MEM-50009 Stalker war machine (8 parts) $20.00
MEM-50010 Atrocitor war machine (21 parts) $30.00
MEM-50011 Deadtech war bike $10.00
MEM-71302 Ape Commandos x 3 $6.00

The online store will close earlier than scheduled on October 29th, 2013 at 10pm Eastern. Molds are selling off at a faster pace than anticipated and less than 600 items remain, with molds finding new homes every week. When a mold sells, the products it produces are immediately removed from the online store. All orders received up to the closing date will be fulfilled.