Last hours of Drake II Horizons Paypal

Action Games Miniatures is in their last day of the Paypal extension period for Drake II: Drake Harder. Get in on it now before it’s too late.


From the update:

What an amazing Kickstarter campaign this has been. We have been totally floored by the awesome support and input of you all. Thank you so very much! We have also really loved seeing the community develop further here, a big shout out to all of you who took time to answer questions and assist new backers in learning about the project. This means a huge amount for the AGM team and we look forward to continuing to support the community in the months to come!

There has been significant interest in our PayPal campaign. We know that some have had trouble getting involved through Kickstarter and so we are now offering those folks a chance to contribute through PayPal during our limited-time post-Kickstarter Campaign. Our pledge manager and Backer Survey below is set up to handle both new and existing backers.

You may change your pledge level to a higher one or add new ones, with the exception of any pledge levels that had a limited quantity available during the Kickstarter.