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Last Hours for The Others on Kickstarter

Time is running out! The end is nigh!
That's said figuratively, in the form of what's going on in The Others, as the characters of FAITH work to thwart the Sins from bringing on the apocalypse. It's also meant literally, in the form that the Kickstarter campaign only has 12 hours to go.

The game has gotten quite a lot added to it since the original launch. All seven sins have been added to the main box for Kickstarter backers. There's also a bunch of extra heroes and other various extras in the form of dice, cards, and more. For those that want to go even more "all-in" there's quite a lot of expansions available as add-ons. More heroes, more villains, more of just about everything you could want.

The campaign ends at 9pm, Eastern, tonight. So if you want in, now's the time to go.