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Last hours for Sails of Glory on Kickstarter

Ares Games has only a few hours left in their Sails of Glory campaign over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

More than 1,050 backers already pledged for a total amount equal to more than 800% of the funding goal. Seventeen stretch goals have been unlocked, adding extra value to the rewards of the different pledge levels.

At this point of the campaign, the Captain level – the most popular pledge of the Sails of Glory Kickstarter, with 287 backers - offers $ 100 worth of stretch goal rewards.

The Captain level pledge of $ 260 includes one copy of the Sails of Glory Starter Set, the four Kickstarter-Exclusive Ship Packs, and one copy of each of the 8 Ship Packs of the first wave (4 British and 4 French ships). In addition, now it also offers an extensive booty in extra rewards: wood, laser-cut items such as the Attitude Indicator and Combat Ruler; the Captain & Crew Ability Deck, four Terrain Packs, two each of the two different sets available; a 68 x 98 cm high quality Game Mat; a set of additional Damage counters; two sets of acrylic, laser cut smoke clouds. In addition, thanks to the stretch goal that have been achieved all the ship cards and logs are going to be printed with two different sets of values, and a free downloadable Scenario Book will be produced.