Last Days – Zombie Apocalypse looking for testers

TGN member Achilles is looking for some help testing his zombie horror rules, Last Days – Zombie Apocalypse.

From his announcement:

Back in 2008 (during several long drives listening to audiobooks like The Strain and World War Z….) I got to thinking about just how many miniatures I own that I’ve painted, loved…. and have then gone on to collect dust in my display cases. Worse still, the ones that I’ve loved, purchased and then never had a reason to paint.

Most of these models were horror related. I owned a ton of modern zombies, SWAT team members, bikers, Special Forces models and Gang members. I had monsters, villains, heros… tons of stuff from my favorite movies and comic books. I had a Jack Burton model. I have Snake Plisken models. I have Bruce Campbell miniatures.

What I didn’t have was a game I could bring them all together in.

At that time I drove a lot (I mean… like 25+ hours a week). I started chewing over ideas. What kind of game would I want to play? How big would it be? What would it be like? What did I like about other games?

It got me thinking; why had I never tried to write a miniature game? I’d written campaigns that friends and I had played in. I’d written scenarios and designed units for fun and because I’d been inspired to do some kind of modelling or conversion. In all that time however, I’d never thought about writing a game.

I own and play pretty much anything table-top and zombie related. Lots of inspiration came from these games, as well as the other (way too numerous) miniature games I’ve played in my many years of gaming.

The result is a neat-and-tidy 40 page Beta-Stage rulebook for playing games of Survival Horror during a Zombie Apocalypse.

Here’s some Highlights;

You don’t have to play the Zombies. Last Days: ZA uses a ‘Menace’ System’. During the years of the Infection, Zombies are as omnipresent as the earth and sky and more will be attracted by gunfire or other noise the Groups generate throughout the game.

…But if you want you still can.Well of course there are those Z lovers out there that will still want to consume all the available brains on earth.

Five Factions to choose from. No matter what kind of miniature collection you have, you’ve more than likely got the beginnings of a Last Days Group. Play as the Survivors, normal every people in an insane situation. The Lawmakers are the remnants of Police forces, using their training to survive. The Military are the most highly trained Group in the game, but can quickly be outnumbered and aren’t as resourceful as other groups. In contrast are the Road Gangs, preying on other living Groups and the Living Dead who are on a mission to destroy all life left on the planet.

An interactive game turn. The game stays lively as players alternate back and forth during the turn, each trying to get the edge on the other.

An In-Depth Campaign System Your Characters will progress and gain new members and abilities and equipment as you play your games.

All the Supporting Actors are there too… In addition to the Characters in your group you may encounter other people in the wastelands of the Infection. WIll you protect The Kid, or take a chance letting the Survivalist join you for a few weeks?

Handy Character management. Characters all have their own customizable ‘card’ on which you can track their weapons, how much noise they make and their experience level at a glance. Gone are the days of a single ledger and tiny writing.

Play on your Kitchen Table. Last Days is designed to be played on a surface of 3×3′. Feel free to play on a bigger scale, but this is all you need.

People interested in playtesting need to be capable of doing the following;

Playing at least 3 games with their chosen faction against a different opposing faction each time. These games must be played using different scenarios and the campaign system must be used.

Complete a questionnaire after each game to give their feedback and have it in by the appropriate date.

Accepted playtesters will receive the following;

-PDF copy of the Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse rulebook.
-PDF copies of the Roster and Group cards.
-Playtester credits in the final rulebook.
-The Chance to play this game earlier than the rest of the public.