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Last Days of Hell On Earth Minis Kickstarter

Studio 2 Publishing is on their last couple days on Kickstarter for their Hell on Earth campaign. They've made 10x what they originally wanted, but certainly wouldn't complain about more.

The Hell On Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter come to an end this Thursday. The kickstarter is for a line of minis to all release at the same time as the Hell On Earth Reloaded hardback book, and RPG setting for the post-apocalyptic future of the award-winning Deadlands setting.

The Kickstarter met its initial goal on the first day and has already unlocked over a dozen additional Stretch Goal minis plus three Bonus Goals, including sets of post-apocalyptic weapons to convert other minis to wasteland warriors.

The Gang (10 minis) and Warband (20 minis) pledge levels allow the option to mix and match minis however backers wish with a la carte choices to add-on individual extras if desired.

Many of the minis have multi-genre use built in, working for modern, cyberpunk, or even fantasy games. Some are unique to the Hell On Earth setting like the next Bonus Goal, the Doombringer. As an exclusive preview to Tabletop Gaming News, the color concept art can be seen here first!

Time's running out if you want to get in on this unique line of minis manufactured under license by the amazing folks at Reaper Miniatures.