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Last days for RAFM Airship Pirates Kickstarter

Silver Fox Productions has just a couple days left on their RAFM Airship Pirates Kickstarter campaign. They've got some new add-ons up to entice those of you who haven't jumped in yet.


From the campaign:

We are into our final week on the RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures Kickstarter and it has been such a successful ride so far that we would like to thank all our supporters. We are looking forward to supplying you all with some great products! This final week brings with it several announcements.

First, we have been in discussion with Sean H. Bullough to complete at least two pieces from this Kickstarter. Sean's specialty has been sculpting in mechanical work, like vehicles and heavily armored models so we have chosen Sean to quote us on the Harpy and the Peeler miniatures. Sean has done freelance sculpting work for a number of companies such as GW Forge World, GW Specialist Games, Avatars of War, Clearhorizon Miniatures, Loud Ninja Games, On the Lamb Games, Paulson Games, Dark Realm Miniatures, Soda Pop Miniatures (The Robotech Battles Game) and Zenit Miniatures. From March 2008- May 2013 he worked for Privateer Press as their first in-house sculptor.

Secondly, we have two new Add-On miniatures for the campaign. You can now add to your pledge for the Steam Tank Add-on or the Dr. Johan and Doom Ray Add-On.

Finally, we are bringing back the Paranoia Add-On. Anyone who has been a part of our previous successful Kickstarters will be familiar with this Add-On. As you all know RAFM Miniatures has an extensive back catalog of miniatures for all kinds of gaming including 15mm Science Fiction, 28mm Science Fiction, 25mm Historical from many periods and a large Fantasy Miniature range. Now you can add any of these figures to your collection at a sizable discount of 33% off the retail price. Add to your pledge $20 and you can choose up to $30 worth of miniatures from our online catalog.

So let's fill the flying jib with air and turn for the home stretch in this Kickstarter. We would all like to reel in some new stretch goals in our final week. Only six new backers would open up the next stretch goal. So let's stoke our fires high, fly with the airbags tight, and keep those props spinning all through the night as we complete our Kickstarter quest with vim and vigor!